Friday, April 12, 2013

places and spaces

I love that Zak is so supportive of hanging my art everywhere. He keeps all of the things I think are trash-worthy and it really makes me feel good. One of the differences between our new and old place is the amount of space we have to give Odin. Living communally with many friends is hard when you have a baby and no one else does. I would've had my living room one way, but mine is only a sixth of the vote (it wouldn't have been fair- I'd have reserved all of the space for O!). So, in our new place Odin has more than triple the space to play, even though we now have a studio apartment. I set up a little learning corner with some antique reprinted posters from a local bookshop. We're hoping to eventually get a little wooden table and chairs for him and then when he starts to draw we'll build a shelf to store his paper, markers, crayons, and paints. He's not quite a year old yet, but we've often discussed our route for school. We're both working hard now to build a fairly big nest egg- we'll invest in some land so that we can build our house on it and Z can start a permaculture farm. We really would love to homeschool as we both have doubts about the American school system, but it's so far off I feel it isn't quite worth discussing just yet!


  1. I love this little corner for baby Odin - so sweet :)

    1. I'm so excited to have more space to call our own! Thank you!! <3