Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sakura Bloom ring-slings//Sling Diaries

I found out a little bit ago, but we were fortunate enough to be selected for this season's round of The Sling Diaries! This season's theme is "Love + Adventure," and I couldn't be more excited to participate. There are some other amazing mamas that I've quickly befriended and I'm so excited to see the first entry in a couple days! Half of the families will be blogging their sling diaries while the other half will be Instagramming them. I really believe these two go hand in hand for me, so I'll post on the blog and then select my favorite images and quotes and Instagram them! You'll be able to watch the Pinterest page to see a few of the best images from everyone's entries. There will be one new entry from each family, each month, for six months. Pretty exciting stuff!

 As part of the Sling Diaries I was able to select a linen and a silk sling, this was extremely exciting for me as the Sakura Bloom slings have been something I've been yearning to try since the very first set of Sling Diaries. I liked my Maya Wrap well enough but the Sakura Bloom just looked so much more comfortable! Let me just tell you, after trying both these babies out (around the house and for super long walks so far!), I think I'll be investing in a few more as soon as I have some extra cash flow! These are ridiculously comfortable and there's no going back now.. (haha).

The silk and linen fabrics are beyond stunning. I gasped as I opened the boxes (they come in these beautiful boxes too...) and spent a few moments just admiring the fabrics. The linen is so airy but still so sturdy. The silk, you'd think would slide and slip through the rings while being worn but because of the slight texture, it doesn't at all! I love the way the silk feels while on and I think it's my most comfortable baby carrier. The linen will definitely come in handy when it gets a little warmer (even though I do wear it everyday already). I'm glad I decided to go with the double layer Essential Linen- since selecting it I've discussed it with other mamas and the double layer works wonders for older/heavier babies, much more supportive than the single layer simple linen. With my 25-pound-less-than-one-year-old, this is super important! No doubt, I'll eventually invest in another silk and maybe a single layer linen, but I'm glad I started by Sakura Bloom obsession with the two I chose. I cannot rave about these slings enough. They are PERFECT. I was even able to master a back carry with the sling earlier today and I have never been able to do that with my Maya! Beautiful essential pieces for every mama.

Wearing the Simple Silk in Fig here.
Wearing the Essential Linen in Twilight~Wheat here and here.
Many more action shots as the Sling Diaries starts. Please check the tags "Babywearing" and "Sling Diaries" to the right of this page.


  1. I can't wait for my slings to arrive - I ordered the silk sling in fig too {and the essential linen in mint-driftwood}. I cannot wait to follow your Sling Diaries journey! What an honour to be selected! x

    1. Ah!!!! I am so tempted to buy the essential linen in mint/driftwood!!! I really wanted the wheat too so that's what I went with for my initial choices. I just love that mint so much! I can't wait to see your photos (although it will probably lead to me purchasing that sling.. Like I need another!) The fig is GORGEOUS. Much prettier in person even! I can't wait to see yours!!! <3 <3