Saturday, April 20, 2013

little memories

Odin turns one in a week now. I'm progressively becoming more and more of a mess. This has been an emotional month for me with moving out of the house that Odin was born in and now my little baby becoming a little boy. I'm glad that this next week will be pretty mellow (other than preparing for his first birthday party) and I'll be able to spend the mornings in bed cuddling him and remembering every last bit of his baby-hood. I find myself snapping more shots of his little fingers and little toes while I watch him sleep, just like I used to when he was fresh from my womb. I am excited to watch him grow and learn and I know I'll love my one year old just as much as I love my baby (more, if it's possible), but I will miss laying in bed all day with my baby boy too. I've been so fortunate to be able to stay home this past year to bask in nursing and babyhood. Odin's rarely been given a bottle and has been lucky enough to feed on demand straight from the tap! 

I never thought it was possible for my heart to be so full, but with every smile- I swear my heart grows a little larger.

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