Saturday, April 20, 2013

back carry in the garden

Let me toot my own horn (haha). I have never been able to master a comfortable back carry in the ring sling, it's always felt like we were about to topple to one side. I've attempted to do it multiple times, but today was the first attempt with the Sakura Bloom. Guess what? I did it, and it felt good. Odin had just woken up from a shorter-than-usual afternoon nap and so I quickly threw him on my back (with very little adjusting!!) and ran out to the garden to help Zak plant some dill and parsley in the herb spiral. I've been dying to help out but with moving and the million other things that have been on my plate, I haven't yet had the opportunity. 

After helping in the garden with what needed to be done before finishing up for the day, Odin and I played in the grass while Z planted a tree. I can't help but admire his fuzzy baby hair. I'm not sure I'll be able to cut it until he asks me to. Everything about him is so perfect, it feels so wrong to change anything! 

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