Monday, May 27, 2013

chilly beach drinking

We made the mistake of going to Cisco Brewers on Figawi Sunday. Figawi derives from the question, "Where the f--- are we? (Where the figawi?)." It's an annual sailboat race between Hyannis and Nantucket Island on Memorial Day weekend. It's been around for years and floods our little island with thousands of visitors for the weekend. Lots of drinking involved, so obviously the brewery was packed. Zak's friend Pilar (who he met while traveling across the country via hitch-hiking, freight train hopping, and a lot of walking) and his friend Juan were in town for the weekend visiting our island for the first time. Whenever we have a guest, the brewery is the spot to take them. Unless it's Figawi weekend. After standing in an unusually long line, we bought our beers (the tastiest I've ever had) and a couple growlers to bring to the beach. It was nice to escape the sea of polos, whale-print pants, neon wayfarers, and drunk people. The beach was much more soothing and although it was a little chilly, we could actually hear each other talk. Odin loves the company of lots of friends and he loved being surrounded by all of us. He did spend his first year as the only child in a house with six adults. Every plane and seagull that passed overhead earned a little pointed finger and a smile from our little man. 

Just as the question, "should we move on to someplace else?" surfaced, the sky opened up and the rain that had been drenching our island all weekend continued its work. We all ran to the car and came back home to finish our growlers and have some dinner.

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