Monday, May 27, 2013

rainy days

Rainy day activities. Odin refused to come inside for the longest time even though it was pouring rain. I think he may have a little bit of a cold now because of it, I'm such a bad mumma! When I finally did convince him to come inside we pulled out the craft paints just to see how they would do. We've never painted before and although Paloma was only interested in taste testing the paints, Odin loved smearing it all over the paper! As an artist mama, I was ridiculously excited and there will be plenty more painting adventures to come. I am on the hunt for some natural (maybe edible) finger paint recipes. I think we may try spices next, I would imagine turmeric and a little bit of water would work beautifully and be a magnificent color.


  1. i love these photos! i love doing art with my little boys as well - i'm sure you and odin will have many fun artistic adventures together :)

  2. What a gorgeous tiny artist he is. I love painting with my kids. It's relaxing for everyone. I have never tried the nakey painting though ;) I may have to let Piper try that out some time, she'd love it.