Sunday, June 9, 2013

June so soon

2013 is flying by more quickly any other year, it seems. I'm trying to find quiet moments throughout the day to do some sort of meditative activity in an attempt to slow down time, which I'm aware is impossible. I've seen these beautiful mandalas on Instagram and many of them are made from plants. They're all so beautiful and I've been completely enraptured. It was surprising to me that #playingwithpetals was so calming. After a long day of playing with the babies, Odin played outside with his aunt while I made a little mandala at his table inside. It reminded me to give myself moments to catch up, moments to breathe. This year's been so busy (but in a very good way), I'm afraid I'll miss out on all the beauty. Odin is loving having a playmate throughout the day and having another child to interact with is teaching him so much. He's growing so smart and developing quite the little personality so quickly, it's nice to still have moments where he just wants to cuddle. Moments where he'd rather nap on my chest than curled up on his own. I cherish these moments more now than I did when he was much newer, I never realized time could be so fleeting. I know as time passes, the distance between these moments will grow larger. I also know that Odin will forever be my little boy. 


  1. Ohhh those mandalas are beautiful! I've never seen them made from flowers before. I imagine it would be very calming. Odin and his little friend look like they must have such fun together! Almost like twins :)
    I love love the last photo - such a sweet moment. I love that Piper still only wants to nap with me (although I sneak away most of the time now.. sigh, always things to do). These days pass so fast.

    1. It was so calming! The more intricate I made it (without interruption), the more calming it was. I definitely recommend it for a stressful day! And the two babes are both homebirth babes with the same midwife and only a week apart! They had the same due date.
      It is so hard to not sneak away. There are times that Odin does this to be sure I couldn't possibly sneak away. These naps are my favorite because he always wakes up and looks at me sleepily and flashes me the biggest smile. Those minutes balance out any stressful times!