Sunday, June 16, 2013

more than enough strawberries

Odin and Paloma both ended up with fevers last Wednesday so our work week was cut short and we stayed home to rest for a few days. We ventured out on Friday to visit Uncle Zach and have some lunch at the airport. Odin prefers french fries and airplanes to cinnamon bun french toast, to my surprise.

Saturday was magnificent. Odin and I visited friends at the farmer's market and enjoyed some delicious treats from Fare Isle (you should really check out her beautiful blog) and watched a couple friends play some live music. We came home for a nap and then hurried off to Bartlett's Farm to pick some fresh strawberries. For 5$ you get a little bin and you can fill it up as much as possible. We bought two and picked up our friend Lili to help. Odin had the best time sitting in between rows of strawberry plants and devouring the delicious organic sweets. They were probably some of the most beautiful and tastiest strawberries I've ever had and they make me so excited for our strawberries from our own garden. Luckily Zak was able to get off of work early enough to join us and we ended up with more strawberries than I would have imagined.

With summer comes the flower-crown-making. I'd only made one before today and Lili hadn't made one at all so we made some beautiful daisy chains with added Lavender and Catnip for some more color. The only thing better than making flower crowns is making flower crowns with friends and sharing them with even more friends. Visiting Zach we made some pasta and drank a beer while Odin threw an orange around the house yelling after it, "Ball!!!" (he thinks that if you can throw it, it's a ball.)

To add to the excitement of our day we visited another friend, Justine. She was having a beautiful dinner with a small group of people and Odin thoroughly enjoyed having so many adults to befriend.

Probably my favorite Saturday of 2013 so far.

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