Sunday, July 28, 2013

blueberry picking

When our little Einstein bed-headed boy woke up next to his favorite ball, he was immediately up and ready to adventure. We've been planning to pick blueberries for some time now and it was nice that today worked out just perfectly and we were able to get out to Millbrook. We picked up our friend Rob on the way and after parking, ventured out to some of our favorite locations. Zak, having grown up on island, knows some of the prime spots. As a rowdy teenager, after having left his mum's house, he lived in a tent with a friend out in Millbrook and would feast on blueberries during season every morning. This spot in particular is sentimental to him for that reason, but it's also sentimental to me. My first year on island, I picked blueberries with a couple friends and it was the first time I had done anything like it. I had picked oranges from our backyard orange tree when I was very little, but berries seem different, more exhilarating? 

I'm so happy Odin was able to enjoy it this year, spending some time in the sling and some time on his own. Of course, picking blueberries with a one-year-old who's favorite food is blueberries made the event a 'two steps forward, one step back' sort of ordeal. He would eat the blueberries from the jar as I picked them and eventually ate most of what I had collected. 

I want to make a pie and Zak wants to make mead so we'll have to make a few more trips out this week to forage for more, but I think overall (with the blueberry monster in tow) we did very well! I'm so excited to make a locally harvested blueberry pie. Maybe if we collect enough, I'll be able to try my hand at jam too!


  1. Heavenly! Ohhh I wish we had somewhere to pick blueberries here. I can imagine that Odin ate up most of your pickings quickly - Piper loves blueberries like crazy (especially frozen!).

    1. I wish Odin and Piper could meet! I think they'd get along splendidly.