Wednesday, July 31, 2013



You're very quickly becoming a little boy. The first year went by so quickly but every so often I catch your newborn smell as I nuzzle and kiss the top of your head. Sometimes the newborn days already seem so far away but often I get heavy flashbacks to moments from just last year. I cannot believe how perfect you are and how lucky I am that you've chosen me to be your mumma. You have growing interests. You enjoy looking at books now and even browse through my magazines. You have favorite toys, one being your papa's childhood "blue kitty." You recognize more and more words each day and you sometimes tell me a new one that you've learned. You love people, everyone really. When a guest visits, you warm up within seconds and jump in their arms to say hello.

You are so perfect and everyday you grow increasingly more so.

I love you with all of my being, with all of the fire in my heart. You fill my heart so full that I often fear it will spill over (and when you smile at me, it usually does).

I love you so much my boy.

your mumma