Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Sling Diaries Love + Adventure, Vol. III: Kinship

One glance at the man I love as he nuzzles our son and my heart beats harder, echoing the rain and it's thunder. Feeling warm breath on my neck as my little boy sleeps on my chest after nursing makes my heart beat more rhythmically than it's ever drummed before. I am very consistently reminded that this is where my heart belongs, under vast skies of stars and dust sleeping between these two.

Odin seems to have an innate appreciation for the offerings of the earth. I hope to continue to nurture that appreciation. I hope to show him wonderment and surprise. I hope to show him grace and gratefulness. I hope to encourage him to be forever curious and to recognize the world and our connections within it.

Everything we lose is given to something and someone else. Through our sweat, toil, and strife we give birth to our brothers and sisters. The apple trees are filling to the brim with fruits from the womb of our mothers and grandmothers. Our trees, fruits, and vegetables grow from dust as we have done and our ancestors before us. We are as much connected with the bee buzzing from flower to flower as we are to our parents, uncles, and aunts.

It's been quite some time since we've slept amongst the moon and the stars and I think this weekend was much needed. I often try and remind myself of our origins, to find my footing and feel grounded. I am reminded by a beautiful sunrise or a fruitful garden harvest that we originated from this earth, she is in all of us and we are forever hers. 

She and we are kindred souls, we always have been and forever will be.

And as a bonus, here's a little video clip of Odin practicing his own sort of grounding:

I am wearing Sakura Bloom's custom luxe in Shiitake.
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  1. On ressent beaucoup d'amour et d'émotions dans vos merveilleuses photos.