Saturday, July 27, 2013


Odin loves playing on the family bed. It's like an in-home trampoline. He runs around in the day with Paloma and then rolls around right before bed. I've always assumed it was because he was born at home in our bed that he loves it so. He's always been happiest there and it's the go-to place when we're having a rough day. Our pre-bed routine involves the typical dinner, toothbrushing, and book-reading, but it also involves lots and lots of rolling around, giggling, and dancing. Our bed plays a very large role in our daytime routine and it's definitely a happy place!

Also, his dance moves are pro.



  1. Some of my favourite photos of yours have been of Odin sleeping on your bed :) Darling photos. The video was flipping adorable but totally not long enough ;)

    1. I'll hav to post a longer video soon then!