Sunday, August 11, 2013

Little Love

Zak had his company party this past Saturday so we were very fortunate to have him all to ourselves for two weekend days rather than just one. We went into town Saturday morning to check out the Farmer's Market and grab some breakfast. Later, we went to Z's company party at the beach and enjoyed loads of good food and drank beer and swam! I love the people Zak works with and it was definitely an amazing day.

Sunday was much more relaxed. We checked the apple trees and swam at the beach. I made goofy faces and silly sounds to entertain little O. Z and I even enjoyed a couple hours alone in town (sushi and a chocolate frappe!) while Aunt Marin watched the babe. 

The air is starting to taste like Fall. It seems too soon but at the same time it seems like the exact right time. I love Fall more than anything, but I think we'll have to squeeze in loads more beach time over the next couple weeks. I can't believe Summer's already flown by, it always works that way though. I feel as though I push off summer time activities always thinking there will be more time and then before I know it, the season is at its end. Throughout this month, the air will grow more crisp with each passing day. Soon, I'll pull out my coats and tights and boots. I'm excited for it all- enjoying the last bit of summer to the absolute fullest and the excitement of the season to come.


  1. Ahh I'm a tiny bit jealous of your incoming Fall. It never seems to last long enough! My favourite too. It's starting to look and feel like Spring here.. flowers budding and the air warmer.

    Of course I just adore the sleeping bub photo. Perfection.

    1. Oh, I agree completely. Fall is my absolute favorite but this summer seemed to breeze past and I'm afraid the Fall will do the same!