Thursday, September 5, 2013


So, we've recently adopted 7 little chicks. We've had chickens before and had very bad luck, so we're hoping this run is different. We've done lots of research and are much more prepared this go. Odin adores them and asks his papa to visit them often. Whenever Zak goes to tend to them (they're in the studio right now until they get a wee bit bigger) Odin longs to tag along and visit them. He's surprisingly very gentle with them, gently touching their beaks and petting their feathers. They're growing very quickly, like chickens usually do, and I'm excited to set them up in their outside coop. Our friend over at Tafari Organics is lending us her hutch which is sturdy and warm for the winter. 

I love seeing everyone's chicken photos on my IG feed and I'm happy that we have our own little babies.


  1. they're so adorable! which kinds did you get? odin is so cute with them <3

  2. My family had chickens when we lived in FL... until a hurricane happened... Needless to say I miss them very much! Do any follow you guys around? They are so amazing to have, not only for eggs but as pets too!

  3. Nawww so freaking cute! I love the colours of your chicks - ours were all yellow as chicks and now they're all an orange-red colour. I love how gentle Odin is, sweet boy.