Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Olivia and raspberry pie

One of Odin's very good friends came over to play recently and we made the most delicious raspberry pie. Odin loves Olivia (and most other kids) and was beyond thrilled to be able to follow her around all day. For the first time, I brought a chair up to the counter for him to help with the pie and he was so excited! I have always envisioned baking with my littles when I had them and this was really a dream come true. He's pretty adorable covered in flour, am I right?

We have been letting him come up to the counter to help a lot recently. The other day, he helped with making catsup (I'll post a little tutorial soon). He loves being a part of the action, even if it means helping with dishes or cleaning up.

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  1. Oh wow this is beyond adorable! I've always imagined baking with my kids, my boy is only just over 6 months but I can't wait to bake with him. You seem like an awesome mum, keep up the good work!