Tuesday, November 19, 2013


We've played around with wraps a little, but not too much. I'm so grateful we were able to play around with this beauty from Purple Elm Baby. I am definitely a fan of Didymos now, like I always knew I would be! Their patterns are just beyond lovely and it wraps like a dream. I'm pretty lazy (or as I like to say it, "busy") so I'm so glad that we tried a shorter wrap. Wrapping takes time, but allows for a huge variety of carries. I very shortly owned a Girasol Deag, but it was a 6 and was a little too long for me. There was always so much extra fabric and I was easily overwhelmed. This one is a size 4, which I think may be my perfect wrap size. A friend is passing along a hemp and linen blend for me to try which I'm very excited about. I'm eager to see the differences in carrying a large toddler!

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