Monday, December 16, 2013

Photographer's Assistant/A Rant. (Oops.)

My cheeky boy. He's recently gone through another growth spurt in addition to gaining his first 2-year molar. It's strange how seemingly overnight, he's bigger. Taller, smarter, wilder. He's been cleaning up after himself lately- toys and spills of his own accord. He dances more and jumps with both feet off the ground. He learns new words every day and we can finally begin to differentiate between ball, balloon, boat, and beer (yes, he says beer! The things they pick up..). He's growing exponentially and I can hardly keep up. I've been taking on more photography work, in addition to portraits, dolls, paper toys. I'm a very busy mama, but if I didn't have it this way I feel I'd be a bit lost. 

It's snowed a few times, once during a christmas party. Odin threw his first snowball at around 10 pm and by sunrise, all the snow was gone. I hope we get a few more hearty snow days so Odin and I can really enjoy it. Being from Florida sets my mind back to child-like wonder when it comes to snow and I'm excited to be just as eager as little O.

Right now, life is good. I needed to type this up to remind myself of that as I've been complaining a lot to Zak about the things we don't have. One day, and I know it will be soon, we will have land and our own house. We'll have a beautiful garden and an orchard and I'll have a gorgeous sun-filled studio. We'll travel with Odin when we can and make art and grow food when we can't. We'll drink wine late into the night surrounding a fire with friends and play music. I'll publish a children's book or two, which is my life goal and has been since I was a little girl. These things will come. Slowly, but they will come and I'm so excited for the future. That excitement brings me joy in the present and motivates me to work hard and constantly picture myself in our ideal life. 

I created this blog to remind myself of the joys in life and to share that joy with others so every now and then, I have to type out my thoughts to keep me on track. Now, I'm off to go work on commissions and trades and dream of what beautiful things are yet to come.

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