Sunday, July 7, 2013

an extended fourth

We had a lot of plans for our fourth of July. We were going to sleep in because Zak had the day off of work. We were going to go to brunch at a friend's house, spend the entire day at the beach, go to the brewery in the afternoon, then maybe spend the night near a bonfire in our fire pit. I had plans to make blueberry muffins because I had never made them from scratch before and I wanted to make something for Zak to bring to work with him in the morning. I woke up before the boys and put the coffee on. I made the blueberry muffins and just as I put them into the oven, Odin woke up. Perfect timing, so far.

When it came time for brunch, Zak ran out to do something in the garden that should have only taken a few moments. When he took almost ten minutes, I thought he had become distracted (it happens every time!) but then he burst through the door yelling "the bees are swarming!" To which, I panicked slightly and then ran after him outside to see. The bees were indeed swarming and I'll tell you more about that in a separate post (it was a whole other event, honestly.. And Zak has to tell you the story- he's pretty amazing). I called our friend to tell her we wouldn't be coming for brunch.

Odin ended up falling asleep in our bed rather than in the sling which is what I had planned for brunch, so we stayed home and watched the bees and worked in the garden while little love slept. He slept until 3. Beach plans, cancelled. Our friend Toby surprised us with a visit and we picnicked outside as soon as Odin woke up though, so we ended up having a belated lunch with some of our date bread and goat cheese, kale, and champagne.

We did actually manage to go to the brewery and we weren't quite sure what our plans were for the fireworks yet. Another friend called to invite us out on his boat to watch the show from the water! We got out onto the boat, Odin fell asleep in the sling, and then the fireworks were cancelled due to fog.

It was an interesting day and not at all what I expected, but sometimes those end up being the best sorts of days. The fireworks had been rescheduled for the following day and because we messed up Odin's sleeping schedule when we ventured out on the boat, he ended up falling asleep for the night around 6 which gave me time to make sweet and spicy Kale chips for the first time ever and plan a night out for Zak and I (shout out to Vince for coming to hang with our sleeping baby for a few hours!). We ended up going out to listen to the gypsy band over a few dark and stormies and then danced on the beach with even more friends.

It was a very unexpected, but perfectly perfect fourth of July.


  1. sounds like the perfect day. odin is such a beautiful little prince.

    1. thank you! it was such a surprise. a little bit stressful, but looking back now- it was absolutely perfect!