Friday, July 12, 2013

The Sling Diaries Love + Adventure, Vol. III: Voice

Like the sun of the changing season, your voice begins to glow brighter. Your understanding of this world around you is blossoming wildly and it's hard for me to keep up. I stare at you in awe as you stare at the budding milkweed with the same expression. You touch, smell, and taste everything you see, fully embracing the world in a way I feel I've forgotten. You've brought out a song in my heart that I've never heard before, one that rings true and fills my body with a sea of burning embers. The fires of wonder.

In the womb, our voices were one. I can feel yours becoming more of your own, but our hearts will forever beat in unison. Our hearts echo one another and in turn echo the earth's.

 Your spoken vocabulary is limited but like the earth you speak with the sparks in your eyes and the rhythm of your heart. Your voice is like the ocean. Calm in the morning but it slowly grows into a gentle, smooth, and rhythmic roar by midday.

Following the moon like the tides, you are learning new things and then taking moments to revel in them. You point to new things and shout "this! this!" and turn to me or your papa waiting for us to tell you the word that corresponds. You smile when you hear it.

Your "ma, ma, ma" means you need to nurse, re-nourish. Everything is a "dog-og-og" unless you can throw it, then of course it's a "ball!" (with the exclamation mark). Sometimes you squeal wildly and run off, smiling at the breeze against your face when you do. You know your Da da and when I ask you where your cat is, you point. Your understanding is rapidly expanding and you never cease to absolutely amaze me. 

I follow in your footsteps, my golden-haired child. I mimic your voice. I am lost in you. I am enveloped completely by your voice of innocence and wanderlust and I know I can only sink deeper.

I am wearing Sakura Bloom's simple silk in Fig.
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  1. I think this might be my most favourite SD post yet. You are all so lovely, and your words are just beautiful and make me sigh with understanding and agreement - I feel the same way about my babies, and as they grow.

  2. You have the most beautiful family, Michelle! Not only are your photos AMAZING!- they capture a beautiful love that exists between you all. I am always inspired by your life. <3