Sunday, July 14, 2013

first swim

...and the first walking tumble. 

Picking raspberries from our raspberry patch outside our house, Odin took his first tumble and hit his head on the pavement. Poor babe cried for quite a bit but once we finally made it to the beach, he was all smiles. Before now, he's been a little afraid of the water. This time he was ready to splash and play and it was really exciting to watch. Our little earth baby loves the water after all!

And some photos from my cell phone, because I like them so much!


  1. Looks like he was loving that water! His poor lil' head though, I hope it heals up quick. I am totally jealous of those fresh raspberries... yum.

  2. completely in love with your blog :) i found you through the road is home (I think)

  3. this looks like such a great time :) I love the water hugs especially