Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Busy Week: an update

My friend from college, Hadar, visited earlier this week (which explains all the gorgeous photos lately). He left on wednesday, which was also the first day I watched the little baby Nora. I've taken on another little one to play during my "Dancey Pants Daycare." She's only three months old and ten pounds, so I'm thoroughly enjoying having Odin newborn flashbacks (he was born ten pounds). I'll be watching her Monday through Wednesday, which will be exciting but also stressful. I'm trying to save up all the cash we can so that I can travel this winter without worry. I thought for sure that agreeing to watch such a little babe would calm me ridiculously strong baby urges, but no. I've only watched her twice and if anything my "I-want-a-baby" feelings have been amplified. Oops! We'll see how watching a newborn and two toddlers goes, I'm a little nervous honestly!

Odin's starting to become particularly exuberant, which is adorable but also terrifying. He's embracing his toddlerhood whole-heartedly. He spends his days making funny noises, kissing and hugging a tad bit too hard, and learning new tricks like walking on tip-toes and spinning in circles.

For some reason, he's also decided that this week would be the week that we switch from two naps to one, which has been a little difficult. Any advice, help, or experiences you could share would be greatly appreciated! He is tired and a little cranky at the usual time (10 am) but after nursing for about 15 minutes, will spring back up giggling and jumping around. We'll do this little dance on and off for the following two hours and he'll usually give in around noon. Oy. I really enjoyed my two two-hour naps a day...

Zak did work with the bees. They're doing a little too well! We now have 3 hives. One which is very strong, one which was the swarm that Zak so masterfully captured, and the third is an experimental hive. OH! And we adopted some baby chickens! I'm so excited about these little cuties.. I'll post better photos of them soon. Odin's very gentle with them and loves standing next to his papa when he checks on them.

I've also been cooking more, which is exciting. The idea of becoming so domestic is a little terrifying for my wild heart, but we're coming to terms with it. I made a variety of pizzas this week as well as banana crumb muffins and a new favorite- black bean, red pepper, onion, and sweet potato burritos with cilantro and lime. I thank Pinterest for that last one.

So, that's about it. A little update for you all! Again, and nap-time advice would be greatly appreciated. :)


  1. I have to admit I got a little bit excited when I saw the little chicks amongst the photos, and scrolled down to see if they were yours before I went back up again. YAY! I can't wait to see how you guys go with the chickens, I'm sure it will give me some ideas for ours! :)
    That baby - oh! she looks so sweet. Wishing you lots of luck watching the three littlies now,busy times but good times I'm sure.

  2. naps are difficult things lol. I think it takes a couple of weeks for them to get used to a new routine, maybe some quite time at 10am, like reading some books/cuddle/nurse kinda thing. then some fun activities, lunch at bed at about noon? that's the routine most of our 12-14 month old in.

  3. Ay! I want a baby girl soooooo bad, not sure if getting to hold one for a few hours a day and then sending her home would help me at all, good luck! As for naps, my 22mo Doiron, scares me every now and again skipping his 10AM nap, but he's always gone back to it. My husband found that even though we're still nursing, he prefers to be put to bed with a bottle of water, so most days now he's happy to go to his crib with his bottle, even when he's wide awake, and he'll put himself to sleep, not sure if we're just lucky or maybe like Vanessa said, some quiet time with a lovey will help? I dunno lady, but good luck!