Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Spaces (very very VERY small spaces)

I'll have to do a little house tour soon, but I've mentioned before that we live in a teensy tiny studio apartment. Our garden is bigger than our house if you don't include the studio space. I like it though, because we don't need much space and we're very happy with the ample amount of outside space we have. We have a gigantic garden, a fire pit, a saltwater pool, and a large grassy field all available to us. So, our apartment is set up with one large room which is our bedroom/living room/dining room. We have a very small kitchen and bathroom that sort of form a hallway leading into a very small room (I'm talking ridiculously small...) at the end. This room is too small for our bed, otherwise we would've set it up that way (which would have been PERFECT, but what can ya do?) and we tried for months to make it a dining room. We realized that we weren't using Odin's high chair and without the room for a dining room table, it wasn't really functioning that well. Last week I gave away Odin's high chair and rearranged everything making that space a small playroom. Odin still has some toys throughout the house but so far, I think this has been the most utilized this space has been. Odin has a place to put a majority of his toys and even though it's small, we were able to fit his little wooden table. 

What do you think? Do you have any small uncomfortable rooms in your house? What have you done to make them function?

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