Saturday, November 16, 2013

fitting in

As my little baby quickly transforms into a little boy, we're finding ways to fit him in alongside our daily routines in a much different way than we used to. We rarely used our high chair anyway, so giving that away was simple. After about six months in our apartment, we finally found a decently sized wooden card table to use as our dining room table. Odin loves sitting in his own chair with his own plate, silverware, and cup. He's now drinking out of a regular cup with few spills, which makes me a pretty proud mumma. 

Another recent addition has been his little art desk set up alongside mine. I've been wanting to set one up for him for months and am so glad to have finally found the time. With a little inspiration from his mumma every twenty minutes or so, we're actually able to sit in the studio together and I've been able to get small projects or bits of bigger projects done. Not to mention, miniature things are adorable and having his own studio space melts my heart.

1 comment:

  1. Ohh his little art space is so beautiful! I can imagine many precious hours you'll spend together creating. This really inspires me. Our house is very tiny (especially with six kiddos) but I would love to find a way to carve out a little space for the younger girls to have their own art corner.