Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Coming Home.

Traveling to and from Nantucket is such a voyage. It typically takes about 12 hours and involves 2 plane rides, a bus ride, and finally the ferry (not including the hour long car ride to the airport from my mom's house and the car ride home from the ferry), unless you want to dish out quite a bit of money to skip the bus and ferry. I wasn't as worried for the venture home but knew I had a long day ahead. Odin was so magnificent the entire way down so I wasn't too concerned but I was still dreading the travel alone with a wild toddler. When we arrived in Boston, Zak gave me a phone call in response to my text letting him know we had arrived at the airport safely. He asked what terminal I was at and showed up to join me the rest of the way! I am a very lucky lady to have him by my side. Odin was all giggles and snuggled right up to his papa for the ride to the Cape. Zak wouldn't like me posting this photo because of his double chin, but this photo completely encompasses the emotions and excitement on mine and Odin's faces when he surprised us. I am a very lucky woman and am so happy to have been reunited with this gorgeous man. 


  1. SUCH a great picture! Men can be so husband says things like that about not so hot pics of him too. Its the joy that is attractive in these images!

  2. his chin just looks fat because he shaved off his beard