Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Florida Vacation, Vol. XI: Science Museum

I hadn't been to the science museum since I was in Junior High School and I wasn't quite sure if it was child friendly, but we found a coupon online for the entrance tickets and so we decided to just go with it. My mom was able to get the day off of work and we surprised my niece Kira by picking her up from pre-school first thing in the morning to bring her with us! There were loads of activities and both babies had the time of their lives. There was a beautiful butterfly garden with koi and turtles and some very pretty butterflies. One of my favorite things about MOSI is the gigantic movie theatre. If you stare straight ahead, all you can see is movie screen. It stretches out so that your peripheral vision is filled with screen space. We watched a movie about the universe which Odin slept through, but Kira sat in amazement (we were only about three minutes in when she started gasping in amazement at the title screen).

It was the best last day in Florida. I was so sad to leave the next morning, although we were excited to see Zak. Even now, two weeks home, and I miss my parents and sisters terribly (and Kira, and my Nana, and everyone else!). I can't wait to see them again in January.

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