Monday, November 4, 2013

Florida Vacation, Vol. V: A Simple Walk

One of my favorite parts about this recent trip to visit the family was that we did something everyday. These are from our laziest day where we didn't do much but hang out around the house until the evening when my sisters stopped by after work and the whole family walked to a nearby park. My childhood home is only a few blocks away from our local library and I have countless fond memories of that area. Lots of Spanish Moss and beautiful tall trees. One of my favorite places as a child and a place Odin seemed to love just as much.

Also, I really got the opportunity to try out my toddler sized Tula. It claims to hold up to 48 pounds. My niece is somewhere around 40 and when she started to complain about walking on our way back, I had her hop on my back in the carrier. She's definitely heavier than Odin but it just felt like I was wearing a slightly heavy backpack. I love this thing! I'll be posting a carrier review including Tula sometime soon and I'll go into more detail. 

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  1. Awww all so gorgeous! I love your Tula, such gorgeous colours - is it made from a wrap? Your niece is darn cute too.