Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ian's Visit: Part One

A very good friend of ours came to visit for a couple nights this weekend. We haven't seen him in so very long because he's living in San Francisco now, but we're planning on visiting again when we head out west this winter. I was so sad he could only stay for a few short days but we were able to round up enough people and go on a few adventures that helped make those few days more exciting. When Ian arrived, Zak was still at work but the three of us headed out with Justine to Wauwinet to search for Snowy Owls. Odin napped the entire time, but we did manage to spot two. I had never seen a Snowy Owl before and was in complete awe when the first one Justine has spotted took flight. She mentioned that the bird's flight was very similar to that of a butterfly and I would have to agree. 

Friday night, we invited over a friend or two and quickly the word spread and quite a few people showed up at our tiny house for mulled wine and snacks. Justina brought a beautiful drawing she had done of Odin and I and some Amethyst for everyone. I'd like to turn mine and Odin's stones into necklaces. Even little Itselawindlii, who was born on my birthday, came to spend some time with us. Odin loved all of the commotion of course and we had the most beautiful Solstice Eve. I really am so grateful for this group of amazing friends.


  1. Really Lovely. The Joy on Odin's face with the baby is really special. <3

    1. <3 He is so sweet with little ones.