Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas at the Keller's

We joined family and friends in Madaket for a beautiful holiday celebration filled with much dancing and so much delicious food. A lot of our friends were there and many other new and interesting people. Odin, of course, had the time of his life romping around and dancing his little heart out. We made felt garlands and I made a few pipe cleaner crowns adorned with beads for friends.

December was full to the brim with festivities and celebrations. We celebrated the Solstice with our small family and celebrated the year with friends. We celebrated Christmas with Z's family and the new year with Angelica in Virginia. A few days into 2014 and we're in Florida with my family preparing to celebrate 2013. It has been an ongoing month of celebration, which more than any other year, seems oh so fitting. There were many big changes in 2013 for me and the year ended with my choice to stay home and make art. The year change has been pivotal for me and I am beyond excited to see what 2014 brings.

Much love in the New Year friends!

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