Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Heading North, Georgia

Leaving Florida, we went to visit a college friend in Atlanta, Georgia. It's so nice to talk to other artists and share work with them. I gave her some Valentines in exchange for letting us sleep in her cute little house. (Thanks Liz!)

After leaving Atlanta, we stopped by the Georgia Guidestones on our way to visit Sonny in Asheville. It's a roadside attraction that Zak had heard about and was interested in stopping to see. I was really happy to be making little stops to see interesting and beautiful things on our way back home. These were particularly interesting. In eight different living languages (and four dead languages), the slabs of granite (some of the most massive single pieces cut at their time) tell those who can read it how to live in harmony with the Earth and one another. They have holes cut into the stone that align with celestial bodies during the solstices and form a rudimentary calendar. The most interesting thing about this modern day stonehenge is that the folks that paid for its construction belong to a mysterious society with the intention of the bettering of mankind and have to this day remained cloaked in anonymity. They're worth checking out if you're ever in Georgia!

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  1. Love these photos! Which camera/lenses do you use Michelle?